Our company was Youngjin Machinery Co., Ltd.(CEO: Kim Yong-Sik) established in July 3, 1995, which have run stable business of maintenance and repair for machinery facility in the complex of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and during that period, took over Duct manufacturing factory in October of 1997.

Through exclusively manufacturing full-automatic Duct(30,000 sheet/month) in Honam region and adding manufacture of Spiral Duct(round type), existing Youngjin Machinery Co., Ltd. was converted into Youngjin Machinery Facility Co., Ltd.(CEO: Kim Yong-Sik), new corporate specialized in construction, which thereafter have grown as hopeful company with its own factory in that region and in robust business of work for machinery facility and fire extinguishing facility.

In 1998, we ranked first in the field of construction plumbing of Construction Skills Competition(won the Prize of the Minister of Construction), in 1999, ranked second and third and in 2000, ranked again first which made 3 successive years of prize winning and we continued to have taken the second and third position in the 13th competition, first position in 14th competition, which made another 3 successive years of admiring prize winning and by which, our technology has been recognized highly.
In July of 1998, we acquired I.S.O 9001 Certificate, in February of 2000, acquired 1 patent and applied for 2 utility model rights for our products which shows our uncommon investment in technology, quality and from 1995 until now, we have been registered as cooperative company for Samsung Gwangju Electronic Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. in work for machinery facility and fire extinguishing facility and in addition, as cooperative company for 4 affiliate companies under Samsung's construction-related business sector in machinery facility and meanwhile, especially, during the period of consistent cooperation with Lotte Construction co., Ltd. as a cooperative company , we were selected as company of excellent construction work and in 2001, selected as model company for informatization promotion, through which we make the largest investment in construction of IT basis(ERP) in small and medium companies in the region and additionally acquired licenses for Type 1 Gas and Water supply and Drainage.

We made a moment of advancing to overseas site of construction in full scale by receiving order amounting to 1 million US dollar at Samsung Electronic's new construction site in Philippines and won Tower of Export of1 Million dollars on the Day of Trade, through which we have grown as perfect medium company in its quality of work and capability for construction in the region and in January of 2004, opened Seoul office(Vise president Park Jung-Kyun) and established a basis for a company specialized in work for spiral and square duct, environment-related field and arranged step stone for leaping to international company.