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Ranked first in the 14th Construction Skills Competition(field of construction plumbing) and won the Prize of the Minister of Construction.
  Turnover: 11,925 million won
  Ranked second and third in the 13th Construction Skills Competition(field
of construction plumbing)
  Increased capital. Capital: 1,000 million won
  Applied for patent for air-conditioning
  Turnover: 8,109 million won
  Opened Seoul office (Vice president: Park Jung-Kyun)
Room # 302, Sambo Bldg., 225-3 Nonhyun-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul
  Turnover: 5.512 million won
  Turnover: 4,268 million won
  CEO Park Dong-Woong resigned and Kim Yong-Sik became single CEO
  Increased capital. Capital: 700 millions
  Turnover: 4.462 million won
  Acquired license for work for water supply and drainage facility.
(Construction capability: 1,158 million won)
  Acquired Type 1 license for gas facility construction.
(Construction facility: 1,044 million won)
  Won the Tower of Export of 1 Million dollars on the Day of Trade.
(Won the Prize of CEO of Korea International Trade Association)
  Acquired license for specialized work for fire extinguishing facility
(Machinery, Electric)
  Reported business of overseas costruction.
  Reported trading business.
  Closed contract for manufacturing air-conditioning facility, installing, exporting and overseas construction.
(Philippine: received order of one million US dollars.)
  Selected as model company for informatization promotion.
  Turnover: 4,042 million won. Capital: 450 million won
  Increased capital: 150 million won
  Ranked first in the 8th Construction Skills Competition
(won the Prize of the Minister of Construction)
  Separately registered as CEO-responsible for construction and management: CEO Kim Yong-Sik
      responsible for business and technology: CEO Park Dong-Woong
  Turnover: 1,809 million won. Capital: 300 million won
  Nominated as specially favored company for military
  Ranked second and service third in Skills Competition(in the field of
construction plumbing)
  Turnover: 11,925 million won
  Acquired I.S.O 9001 certificate(KMAR). Scope of certificate:
      Manufacturing Duct, Work for fire extinguishing and machinery facility, Design, Development, Manufacturing, Installation and additional service
  Youngjin Aircon Corporation. won the prize of the Minister of Construction and Transportation(in the field of construction plumbing)
  Acquired license for work for fire extinguishing facility.
(license number: 97-DA-2HO)
  Acquired license for work for machinery facility.
(license number Kwangju Kwangsan 97-12-01)
  Established Youngjin Aircon Corporation. Establishing CEO:
      Type of business: Construction, Manufacturing
      Field of business: Work for facility, Manufacturing duct