-I.S.O 9001-(certificate attached separately)
Manufacturing of duct, Work for design, development, construction, installation and additional service for fire extinguishing and facility

Date of certification: 1998.07.24
Institution of certification: KMAR
Quality standard: KSA 9001; 1998/ISO 9001 : 1994
Certificate number: QSC81199

*Changed contents
Scope of certification: manufacturing of duct, work for fire extinguishing and facility, water supply and drainage-related design, development, construction, installation and service
Date of the first certification: 2001.03. 15
Institution of certification: I.S.C pty. Ltd.
Quality standards: ISO 9001 : 2000/KS A 9001 :2001
Certification number: QAC/R82/0163
  -Application for patents-(certificates attached separately)
Application number(date) : 10-2000-0005144(2000.02.02)
Name of application: air-conditioning system(patent registered 2005.06.22)
Applicant: Youngjin Aircon Corporation.
2. Application number(date): 20-2000-0002861(2000.02.02)
Name of utility model: Duct-connecting corner plate(utility model right)
Applicant: Youngjin Aircon Corporation.