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Coil mounting unit(MET COIL LTD.(USA)'s facility)
GI COIL (1524MM)-this winds zinc galvanized sheet with weight of 5 tons and mount on mounting unit in order of 5 kinds of thickness as like 5T,0.6T, 0.8T, 1.0T, 1.2T and get ready for work.
Process for straight duct input-MET CIOL LTD.
  (USA facility)
This process is to input contents of work(straight duct)-CAD- according to drawing in main computer and then receive-CAM- input work details to operate process, which is duct manufacturing system to control overall process for manufacturing straight duct.
Spare parts for fabri line & UNLCAN 2900-
During the process of manufacturing curved duct, if contents of work for curved duct are input according to drawing to cutting factory with instruction as VULCAN work-CAD-, after receiving the contents as they are-CAM- and the process proceeds with work for cutting according to the procedure in drawing.
Curved duct assembly line
This process is to assemble automatically cut products in VALCAN LINE according to drawing. As curved duct is various in size, specification, shape, each cut parts should be collected and assembled into complete curved duct in this process, which takes longest time among our production lines and this process proceed with manual handling.
Delivery of complete products
This is final process after straight duct line and curved duct line, in which complete products of straight and curved ducts after inspection are transferred to place for stand-by(storage yard)and delivered to each customer.