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  TDF mechanical duct  
Product code : YJTDF001
  Price of product : decided after consultation
  Method of purchase : consultation(factory affairs section)
(possible to deliver all over the country)
  As our main product of a rectangular galvanized duct, it is completed mechanically through all automated processes. And it has better shape than the existing manually-manufactured product and is completely airtight. It can be manufactured as a P. V. C. duct, a color duct and a SUS duct as well as a galvanized duct type. And recently a galavalume duct has been increased, which is more durable than a GI(galvanized) duct.
  It is customized according to a customer's construction site condition, and it is manufactured in a rectangular 1,520mm long duct and is divided into a straight and a elbow duct.
Our product is produced according to the ISO 9001 production management system and is delivered through a strict quality inspection.