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  Angled diffuser
This is a fixed type diffusing in 60o direction.
In front of diffuser, inner blade can be detached and without detaching inner blade, adjustment of wind volume is possible.
In order to prevent smudging effect at ceiling part, P.E. gasket is attached to corner.
  Square diffuser
Square diffuser is designed with structure suitable for diversified buildings and is widely used owing to its superiority of beautiful appearance, enforced pressure, noise, air current diffuse and long distance of reach.
It diffuses in all direction of 360o.

  Air guide

Air guide has refined design suitable for modern buildings and has advantage of effective air crusher without drift.
  Angled and round diffuser
Angled round diffuser has structure designed suitable for diversified modern buildings and it has superiority of beautiful appearance, enforced pressure, noise, air current diffuse and long air throw.
It is fixed type diffusing in all direction of 360o.
Because it s front frame is angled, it is suitable for general office and building.
It is possible to connect and detach blade in the middle part and without detaching it, adjustment of air volume is possible.
  Squared and round pan type diffuser
Squared and round pan type diffuser has structure to treat fluidity of air evenly by adjusting pan up and down and its structure allows adjustment of parallel and vertical distance of reach by handling pan according to change of air current.
Especially it is used for buildings with low ceiling like department store.
Front frame of this diffuser is made and designed in square type suitable for existing building and this is fixed type diffusing in all direction of 360o.
  Nozzle diffuser
Nozzle diffuser is used to meet need of long air throw and adjusting inner blade's direction, direction of air current can be adjusted up to angle of 20o~25o and in the directions of up, down, left and right.
Owing to this, descending effect of coo air during cooling can be changed into ideal diffusion of air current.
  Grille and register
There are 4 kinds of grills such as V-B, H-B, HV-B, VH-B and 8 kinds of resister such as V-DB, H-DB, HV-DB, VH-DB.
They are made of aluminum sash and are light and hard, which is designed suitable for interior decoration owing to its beautiful appearance.
Grille can adjust air current in the directions both parallel and vertical, which has parallel and vertical bars allowing air current to change its direction according to the change of indoor conditions.
This louver is used to fresh air inlet and exhaust and owing to its stable and clean appearance, it is used to outer wall of industrial and commercial buildings.
Blade and frame are made of thick aluminum pressed so that they can be protected from all weathers.
Frame is made in 3 types and so it can be used to all of walls made of brick, metal panel, concrete, wood, etc.
  P.K Diffuser
P.K type diffuser can simply move direction of diffusion in all directions of top, down, left, right with angle about 30o.